Flashers and Blue-green Skippers





Spreadwing Skipper




Spreadwing Skippers

Dark with Large Hyline Spots
Flat Open Wings
Cabares potrillo Potrillo Skipper
Celaenorrhinus eligius  Stoll's Flat
Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri Fritzgaertner's Flat
Celaenorrhinus jao  Jao Flat
Celaenorrhinus monartus Monartus Flat
Celaenorrhinus similis Similis Flat
Celaenorrhinus songoensis Songoensis Flat
Celaenorrhinus stallingsi Stalling's Flat
Celaenorrhinus stola Elegant Flat
Celaenorrhinus suthina Suthina Flat
Dyscophellus erythras  Erythras Scarlet Eye
Dyscophellus euribates Euribates Scarlet Eye
Dyscophellus ramusis Ramusis Scarlet Eye
Nascus paulliniae  Paulliniae Scarlet-eye
Nascus phocus Phocus Scarlet-eye
Nascus solon  Solon Scarlet-eye
Oileides fenestratus  Fenestratus Skipper
Porphyrogenes passalus  Passalus Skipper
Porphyrogenes probus ? Probus Skipper
Telemiades amphion  Amphion Skipper
Telemiades avitus Avitus Skipper
Telemiades choricus Choricus Skipper
Telemiades delalanda De la Landa Skipper
Telemiades epicalus Epicalus Skipper 
Telemiades squanda Squanda Skipper
Xenophanes tryxus Glassy-winged Skipper
Sits with wings closed
Bungalotis astylos  Dark-cheeked Scarlet-eye
Zestusa dorus Short-tailed Skipper